Definition: Neutrality is the basic energetic state where we find protection, clarity, and a certain "normal" energetic state that serves to balance us.

In this world of duality, we should always try to remain in a constant state of neutrality and balance between Earth and sky energy. Maintaining neutrality will help you actively stay grounded and present in your life.

Earth Energy

Our bodies are part of the Earth, just as a plant or a tree. At the beginning of our journey, our cosmic Spirit mixes with the Earth elements in our mother’s womb to give us our physical presence here on Earth.

The Earth is our kindergarten – a gigantic learning a space where we can engage and explore aspects of life such as rhythms of time, night and day, the seasons, the cycles of the moon, temperatures, sex, food, and much, much more. We have agreements with the Earth – gravity, three dimensions, and centrifugal force.

To exist on Earth, our bodies need to vibrate at an appropriate frequency. Our bodies send and receive frequencies from the Earth that allow us to resonate harmoniously with the Earth’s frequency. Grounding is our way of maintaining our harmonious, thriving resonance with the Earth.

Mother Earth greets us uniquely and individually each time we ground and align our frequency. It’s our way of owning our relationship with this larger being. Run fresh green Earth Energy through your grounding cord to engage our reciprocal, energetic relationship with Mother Earth.

Sky Energy

Cosmic energy gives us the buoyancy and ability to dive deeply within our bodies while allowing ourselves to soar with the eagles. With solely Earth or cosmic energy, we become imbalanced and stuck.

We combine Earth energy and Cosmic energy as a refreshing, enlivening way to be centered in our bodies, present in current time and space. We run Earth and Cosmic energy unconsciously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When we run energy consciously, we increase our ability to stay grounded and discern, read, interpret and integrate other frequencies.

Connecting with this vital energy is akin to engaging life force whose strength empowers all living things – whether or not the energy is consciously integrated.  Awareness of energy flow increases our personal authenticity, sharpens our psychic abilities, and engages us in our daily lives. Consciously cultivating our psychic relationship with the Earth and the Cosmos activates and strengthens clairvoyance.

Cosmic energy is accessed through the crown chakra. Draw the golden cosmic energy down through your body, intertwining the light with green Earth energy to create your unique balancing frequency.

Remember that life is playful- if you find yourself getting too psychically serious, try running gold energy through your chakras and auras, restoring your naturally light and neutral energy.

In preparation for this next meditation, please ensure you are in a quiet, calm environment before we begin.

Repeat this Neutrality meditation as often as you can, as this establishes the basics of the rest of the program. We will repeat this before and after each meditation. Mastering this meditation can have incredible benefits for your health, energetic protection, and in remaining very clear. With practice, you will be able to ground, establish neutrality, own the room, and set your auric boundaries with ease, and will probably do it several times a day when needing to rebalance.

Once you feel ready, let us move on to the next set of foundational energetic techniques and meditations. Take your time, remembering that you know when you are ready to continue learning.

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