Definition: To ground is to set a unique frequency for your body that supports harmonious function, helps you remain present and enables you to interact with energies that are in relation to you.

Grounding is a basic energy management skill that helps us be present in our bodies and creates a conscious connection with the Earth.

When we ground, we activate a reciprocal relationship with the Earth. We access Earth energy to be physically in a nice, solid, playful space, releasing energy that no longer serves us for recycling and transmuting by sending it back into the ground.

As a fundamental first step in building the relationship with ourselves as energetic beings, grounding enables integration between the physical bod and the energetic system. This in turn forms the foundation for our relationship to the larger beings (the Earth and the Cosmos) with whom we interact.

By now you have a basic understanding of the concept and importance of establishing a secure and reciprocal connection with the Earth. Follow this next meditation video to begin your practice of grounding.


Already, you will feel the difference in your body after this one grounding meditation. There is magic in the way this system works - the methods are simple yet the results are profound. You are the driving force for your own personal transformation and growth.

Take your time in moving on to the next lesson - whether it is today, tomorrow, or the next day, you will know the right timing for your learning.

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