Owning the Room


Definition: Owning the room means psychically creating and expanding your ability to be supported. Understanding your relationship with the universe enables you to thrive.

Owning the room is a foundational energy management technique that helps create space without diminishing or negating anyone else’s space.

For example: 1500 people can be in a stadium, yet each individual can own the room and have space to thrive. This is essential when some auras are too overwhelming, and you feel dominated… own the room and you can retain balance.

Coupled with grounding, owning the room supports the physical and energetic body for each and every experience so you feel stable and present.  

Owning the room is a level of psychic awareness and presence that increases our perceptivity and discernment, fostering authenticity moment by moment.

Now that you have a base understanding of this technique, let's move into our meditation. Make sure you're in a quiet and comfortable place before we begin.

Allow yourself to feel the energetic container and safe space you have created for yourself to be able to live, grow, and thrive. When you own the room, you automatically claim your presence to the universe and yourself.

Take your time in moving on to the next lesson - whether it is today, tomorrow, or the next day, you will know the right timing for your learning.

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