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Discover Your Energy Field To Gain Clarity & Answers, Heal Yourself, Attract Synchronicities, Raise Your Vibration… And Make An Impact On The world!

Join Clairvoyant Shaman & world known spiritual teacher Manex Ibar who guides you through the most amazingly effective energy system and divulging secrets to help you master your energy field, gain spiritual understanding, deep clarity and overcome any life situation.


If you are looking for a powerful meditation course that will not only teach you meditation with all its known health benefits, but also learn and master your energetic field, then you're in the right place.

This program is for people who understand that they are more then just a physical body, that there is a conscious energetic part to themselves, a part of us that is as important as our biology. It is actually directly connected to our so called "Junk Genes" and defines our individuality, as well as holds tremendous information about our deep personality. It is also where we hold energetic blocks in the form of beliefs, opinions, or rules. We find karma, soul contracts, and energetic cords. Our energy body is so fascinating and rich with information.

Clairessence Meditations is a set of tools, a roadmap to navigate and transform our energetic reality so that we can tap into our infinite potential and function better in this world. The direct manifestations and benefits of Clairessence leads to better health, increase of physical energy and mental clarity, a gain in spiritual awareness and skills, with higher levels of conscious abilities to function more fluidly in the world while enjoying life.

As more people awaken to their conscious awareness and spiritual nature, we are at loss for professional, scientific, and practical knowledge of how to empower ourselves, how to use our 6th sense, and how to learn about the energetic information that actually influences our lives physical aspects, including our genetic impression. Imagine having one of your limbs attached, or loosing one of your senses, and then imagine it being released, or all of a sudden seeing or hearing for the first time. This is the feeling you get when you begin to learn and practice energetic clarity. It is as easy as walking for us, because it is an innate part of who we are. We have been ignorantly living through our energetics without knowing how it functions.

Learn professional and clinically proven meditations that guide you through energetic mastery. Learn how the invisible quantum field works and how it relates to us personally. Learn to navigate this field and our direct interactions with all of our relationships. Become clear in your relationships, understanding the energetic root of an argument or misunderstanding can have profound influence in changing our reaction. This course will transform your life and your view of the world. It will open you to a beautiful realm full of potential and rapid transformation.

Energy is 50% of our existence, yet we are never taught how to tap into this incredible resource. We are taught all about the physical world, but as science progresses, it is showing us how there is an invisible force field that influences us directly, and that with the power of meditation, we can change and affect this field. When we do this, our physical life is impacted. It is magic in a way, but this course is a very practical and logical system that enables anyone to enter and use the energy field that we all carry.


Most people aren't aware that science has proven that everything in our universe is made of the same energy. From the screen you're reading this through, tot he ocean and the mountains, to the concrete building you are in, to the stars in the cosmos, to your body and the food you eat - it's all made of energy. We are effectively transforming information that comes through energy.

We take in and create energy, and modify this energy through our conscious experience of that energy. This is truly what the human experience is about. We all know we have a physical body, but now with Kirlian Photography, we also know that we all have Auras around our bodies, and we also know that this aura changes, and is directly related to our physical body.

The Aura through Kirlian Photography:

For over 20 years, Manex Ibar, a born clairvoyant, has been guiding doctors, leaders, athletes, and the elite in developing clarity and awareness about the energetic mechanics, how to develop our "6th sense", and master our energetic field. Through this series of meditations, you too can discover and with practice, become a master of your own energetics. This is the foundational teachings to go beyond into the magic of the occult science. Without these tools, it is hard to have clarity on spiritual awakenings and experiences which are happening to people more and more.


  • Learn to harness your energetic body and keep it clean, un-interrupted, and optimized.
  • Learn how to protect yourself from psychic-attacks or the evil eye by simple "neutrality".
  • Learn how to ground and stay in Neutrality to remain in presence
  • Learn how to read and clean your chakras and auras.
  • Learn how to activate your clairvoyant system.
  • Open and learn how to use your psychic screens to see energy.
  • Learn how to clean karma
  • Learn how to clean programs
  • Learn how to clear soul agreements & contracts,
  • Learn how to clear devices-spells
  • Learn how to clean cords
  • Learn how to clear entities
  • Learn how to contact your spirit guides and channel energies correctly and safely.
  • Enter the Akashic records
  • Discover your "god of the heart".
  • Learn how to facilitate an energy reading and clearing for others
  • Activate your Merkaba
  • Activate your psychic/clairvoyant systems
  • Learn how to read and change energy
  • Learn how to master your energetics
  • Gain spiritual knowledge, consciousness, and wisdom

Through this workshop, you will gain incredible knowledge about yourself and practical tools to self-empower yourself towards being fooled by spiritual charlatans. You will gain the tools to become elevated in your conscious awareness and clear about energetic principles and mechanics.

Enjoy Manex's non-judgmental and sincere presence as he shares his passion of teaching his vast knowledge acquired over 25 years of initiation and practice.

Are you ready to get out of the victim state and empower your life with clear vision, wisdom, and total energetic mastery?

Let's go.


This system is meant to bring the beginner to expert level at your own pace of course. The workshop builds on itself, so that each meditations uses some of the skils from the previous one. If you have an open mind, simply let yourself be guided by the meditations and learn to quickly experience your energetic body first hand. Trust yourself and allow your imagination to do the work.

Whether you are new to energy or have a solid understanding, the techniques and skills taught in this course will tremendously empower you. You'll be able to use these meditations daily and quickly to help you reach your highest potential, impact others, and if nothing else gain incredible understanding of energetics.

CLAIRESSENCE MEDITATIONS: The Most Efficient & Complete Energy Mastery Course.

As a natural clairvoyant, Manex has spent the last 22 years practicing, teaching, and devoting his life to energetic mastery, especially for healing and guiding others. Learning from the best teachers, Manex loves sharing this work and provides deeply practical and real life experiences to enrich the material and give it context. Using this workshop techniques, Manex has helped guide people through incredible if not miraculous healings, conscious awakenings, and has gained tremendous understanding of the spiritual mechanics. This is the course and techniques that have brought this

Manex's demand has exceeded physical possibility, and so Manex is providing this course and unique knowledge for energetic mastery through an online course, enabling him to bring these incredible tools to a larger public.

This course usually goes for $1750.00 dollars, but today you can get it for $910.00 dollars if you act fast. We are offering 45% from the regular price as a launch offer.

Join the program and begin to understand and master your energetic body.
Learn expert meditations that will forever change your meditations to enhance your own personal energetics.

Welcome to Clairessence Meditations...

"Manex Ibar has played such a massive role in my spiritual development since meeting him nearly 10 years ago. I was so impressed by my one to one session with him that I asked if he ever taught workshops and was delighted to discover he did…

His Clairessence workshops (i did the live weekends) are a ‘must-do’ for anyone wishing to delve deeper into their own spiritual power with great results.
Manex creates these wonderful and unique ‘safe spaces’ with likeminded people all sharing the same goals to learn. He is not only a very powerful and informative teacher - he makes it fun, yet hugely impactful.
I attended several of his workshops and still use my knowledge and tools he imparted to this day. What I liked was he always made sure we started with the basics of grounding and protecting ourselves in every session and helped us develop to levels we didn’t know we could reach - I saw my first aura color with his help - a fantastic memory which will never leave me."

- Meena Khera, International press agent for VIP

"Since learning this course, I use something from it everyday — and most importantly, i feel like i'm ready for any energetic experience as i now have the tools to handle it... definitely worth it!"

- Brynja Magnusson, Co-Founder, Sphinx Code, Massage Therapist